Mediaprint - Kapa Pressegrosso

Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso,a.s. company has a stable position on the market since the beginning of its operation in 1990. Currently it represents the largest distributor of periodical and non-periodical press in Slovakia.

At the same time the company has an important position on the Czech market and at the moment it successfully develops its commercial activities in the Hungarian market related to periodical press. The main scope of the Mediaprint-Kapa company activities is a distribution of Slovak and foreign periodical press into a direct sale in cooperation with its exclusive regional and business partners. The company is at the same time an important distributor of periodical press in form of prescription, mailing and delivery.

Mediaprint-Kapa together with its exclusive regional partners and commercial partners provides for all publishers of periodical press as well as for readers a complex range of services:

  • direct sale of periodical press
  • prescription and mailing services
  • delivery service
  • delivery of foreign press
  • export of Slovak press to foreign market
  • marketing support of press directly at sales points

Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso, a.s.
Stará Vajnorská 9
Slovak Republic

Sales department

Stanislav Laho: +421 2 498 93 212

Marketing department

Katarína Geletová: +421 2 498 93 206


Grafobal Group, a.s. represents a joint-stock company of holding type established in 1998 with its office in Bratislava. The group covers activities of daughter companies performing trade in the field of polygraphy, publishing activity, distribution and sale of printing, tobacco and complementary goods, energetics, developing, advertising and media activity, healthcare, sport and other fields.

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