University of Central Europe in Skalica

University of Central Europe in Skalica (UCE) was established in 2005 and implements higher education and scientific research activities in the field of international relations, international politics, Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

UCE has brought to the Slovak educational space an innovative way of providing higher education - Videoconferencing portal and global university network, that connects foreign universities that have a significant presence globally and providing a high standard student learning and life experiences:

  • Communication, knowledge and experience of international significance
  • Improving language skills and knowledge
  • Increased possibility of applying students in the international labor market
  • Unlimited space global integration of scientific and educational institution of World Universities
  • The possibility of students from around the world attend courses at the universities selected without implementation time and cost intensive mobility

Videoconferencing Auditor: Czech, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, France, UK (Oxford) and workplace UCE in Kosice

University of Central Europe in Skalica
Kráľovská 386/11
909 01 Skalica

Tel.: +421 34 696 52 14
Fax: +421 34 664 70 63


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