Vodax a.s. represent a Slovak producer of Lucka infant and spring water. Lucka as one of the key brands on the Slovak market has been holding the first position in the infant waters segment since its establishment. For over 20 year Lucka has been bringing water of the highest quality for babies thanks to which it has become a synonym for infant water in Slovakia.

Lucka spring is situated close to Piešťany spa town in a clean environment of Považský Inovec mountain range. Thanks to its characteristics Lucka water is suitable for daily consumption for all age groups. Its right ration of calcium and magnesium as well as the content of vital minerals predetermine this water for preparation of baby food as well as success and popularity among pregnant and nursing mothers who are interested in health of their children.

The highest quality standards and legislative criteria are followed upon filling the complete portfolio of Lucka brand products. There are five different types of water on the market: sparkling, medium sparkling, still, infant and infant without CO2 packed in PET bottles of 1.5 l, 0.5 l and 0.75 l. Segment „near water drinks“ is represented by a product line Lucka Anjelské plody (Angel fruit) with use of natural aromas like Lemon with Elder, Raspberry with Rose hip, Apricot with Plum, Blackberry with Sea Buckthorn and Orange with Grapefruit.

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