Hospital with policlinic Skalica

Faculty hospital with policlinics provides ambulant and bed healthcare for citizens of Skalica, Senica districts and boundary parts of Myjava and Malacky districts. At the moment the FNsP Skalica, a.s. has 11 bed departments, 42 mainly specialized ambulances and 7 workplaces of common examining units.

The hospital applies the Quality Management System in compliance with STN EN ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008 standard in the field of provision of:

  • general ambulant healthcare
  • specialized ambulant healthcare
  • house healthcare
  • common examining and treating units
  • emergency medical service
  • emergency health service
  • transport health care

In 2012 the hospital underwent a process of extensive reconstruction and modernisation in total volume of 14.3 mil. Eur. As part of the reconstruction a new radio-diagnostic department with investment of 4.4 mil. Eur and purchase of the most advanced equipment (CT, MR, SONO, mamography) was built. Together with departments of biochemistry, microbiology and pathology and their modern laboratory diagnostics they provide early diagnostics of diseases.

As part of reconstruction also department of emergency and bed department of house care were modernized and completed. Coordination of operating sections activities, OAIM department and operating room personnel is provided by an independent department of central operating rooms. Preventive, diagnostic as well as treatment care for patients is provided by department of physiatry, balneology and curative rehabilitation.

In order to satisfy with quality even the most demanding patient the hospital provide accommodation in above-standard rooms. Hotel type service represent provision of guest stay where treating personnel substitutes care of nurse or relatives.

Fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou Skalica, a.s.
Koreszkova 7
909 87 Skalica
Slovak Republic

Attendant.: +421 34 6969 111
Gatehouse: +421 34 6969 113
Secretariat: +421 34 664 4933
Fax: +421 34 664 5563


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