National football stadium

This unique project will be the pride of the capital city as well as the whole Slovak Republic. The structure will be situated in the former stadium locality (legendary Tehelné pole) which will preserve the continuity of the environment. Project is the work of art of well-known Ing. Arch. Karol Kállay and represents the top of contemporary multifunctional architecture.

Stadium with capacity of 22-25.000 visitors will be constructed in full compliance with high standards of UEFA, with a complex equipped background on international level. The playing area will be heated, there will be multi-storey VIP zone available, VIP tribune and VIP skyboxes. Under the ground there will be a space for parking of over 1000 cars. Adjacent administrative building and shopping centre with mini market and sport-cultural part will add to solution integrity and functionality. Project also counts with construction of service flats and apartments.

Planned construction represents an integral solution from the point of functionality and aesthetics, it will provide multilateral use in sport, culture, leisure activities and social facility.

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