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TA3 television represents the first news television in Slovakia being launched to medial market by C.E.N., s.r.o. company in September 2001.

During its operation the television has obtained a credit of independent news service provider which got into the awareness as a television with actual, true and verified information. The television provides on daily basis professionally processed information from home, abroad, from the field of politics, economics, finance, sport and other spheres of social happening. Through TA3 television the viewers have access to information during the whole day in a real time and thanks to live entries and press conferences they can be directly involved.

The TA3 television has hosted number of significant domestic and foreign guests. We can mention persons like Placido Domingo, the world famous opera singer, Sir Nicholas Winton, British stockbroker and humanitarian worker, Douglas D.Osheroff, holder of the Nobel prize for physics from 1996, Larry King, the legend of television journalism, Ivan Gašparovič, the Slovak Republic President, Miloš Zeman, the Czech Republic President, Miroslav Šatan, captain of the Slovak Hockey representation, Pierre Richard, world famous French actor, Ian Scott, former Director of the World Bank and many others.

In 2011 TA3 Foundation was established which individually supports socially weak and disadvantaged citizens; it supports organisations, which provide care and assistance to children, adults as well as seniors, it provides help in case of natural disasters and mass accidents or tragedies, protects and supports health and assists in development of science and art.

TA3 television focuses on providing a complex news and information service on situation at home and abroad and at the same time providing actual, objective, balanced, verified and exact information. .

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