Grafobal Skalica

Producer of packaging from smooth cardboard and corrugated (coating) cardboard belongs to the leaders within the Central and East European market.

It sells its products and services mainly to middle and large customers with international competence whereas 2/3 of the company production is represented by export into surrounding countries and West Europe.

Grafobal production strengths cover besides quality printing and shape cut also a wide spectrum of improvement technologies with special possibilities. Business representations and six production plants of GRAFOBAL serves our clients from almost the whole Europe. Production plants are situated in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

Grafobal packages have won several prestigious awards at international competitions including the highest one - WorldStar Award for Packaging for the best package in the world.

Production programme of GRAFOBAL company covers several product groups as a complex:

  • packaging from smooth cardboard
  • packaging from corrugated cardboard
  • cartonnage
  • labels and paper bags
  • wide range of polygraphic products ( calendars, catalogues, posters, postcards, folding picture-books, puzzles)
  • designs of package constructions, graphic designs

Grafobal, akciová spoločnosť
Mazúrova 2
909 01 Skalica
Slovak Republic

Tel.: +421 34 6645231-7
Fax: +421 34 6645883


Ing. Tomáš Pekár: +421 34 6967 626
Mob: +421 903 241272


Grafobal Group, a.s. represents a joint-stock company of holding type established in 1998 with its office in Bratislava. The group covers activities of daughter companies performing trade in the field of polygraphy, publishing activity, distribution and sale of printing, tobacco and complementary goods, energetics, developing, advertising and media activity, healthcare, sport and other fields.

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