The WorldStar Award for Packaging for Grafobal.

The latest winner of the global competition for the highest award for packaging worldwide, the WorldStar Award for Packaging, is GRAFOBAL, joint stock company, Skalica for two of its products: the jubilee gift case for a vase (in the luxury goods category) and gift packaging for pralines (in the food category). The awards for the most unique and most eco-friendly packaging this year thus return back to Slovakia again.

After more than 110 years of continuous production, Grafobal has won this stellar designation for packaging, perceived as the "Packaging Oscar", a total of twelve times. Both unique packages, that have recently won WorldStar Awards for Grafobal, are designed for equally exceptional Slovak products. The first - a glass vase, is the product of RONA, a.s. of Lednické Rovne and the other - ILLUI pralines, is supplied by CACAOTICA, s.r.o., Pezinok..

Gift case for a vase - 110th anniversary

The packaging for the vase consists of two parts. The outer packaging has a special assembly, whose top portion corresponds with a visual invitation to celebrate the 110th anniversary, during which the vase was passed on as a gift. The closure is fixed in place by a magnet, indicating the secure closing of the case with a loud click . The robust inner double-shell liner perfectly fixes the handmade vase with unusually high weight in place. The subtle graphics in the corporate colors give off a light and elegant impression. Thin strips of tactile varnish highlighted with a fine pattern of gray provide the packaging with perspective and depth.

Serving tray packaging for ILLUI truffles

The limited series of gift packaging for pralines is characterized by an emphasis on the perfect presentation of its contents, where upon delivery to the recipient, the packaging itself becomes a serving tray. The construction consists of a drawer, two sleeves and inserts. After being fully extended, the sleeves can be used as serving tray legs. The inner gold liner is fixed in position by several tongues, which fit into the stop holes in the sockets. The luxury-minimalist graphics present the ILLUI brand on both sleeves when closing the packaging and also in "the serving mode" on both legs of the tray.

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