Lucka has redesigned entire porfolio

Favorite spring water has more elegant and modern clothes

Manufacturer of water Lucka, company Vodax has redesigned its entire portfolio. Lucka wants to be more attractive to its consumers. "We felt that the design needs to rejuvenate, because it has been on the market for eight years, during which underwent only minor changes. Now, this is the biggest change in the history of the brand, "says Veronika Cremins, marketing manager of Vodax and adds:" Pink is in our DNA and we have transformed it to the entire portfolio, where this step has made it clearly identifiable and easy to remember."

The new design of the entire portfolio, including the most popular baby water in Slovakia, prepared GoodAd advertising agency and is recognizable at first glance. The bottles are much slimmer, more elegant and more stylish. "Lucka is primarily a high quality product, not only for kids. The primary consumers are women - mothers, buying Lucka for themselves, their children or the whole family. The elegance and femininity are the attributes that we wanted to translate into our design, "explains V. Cremins. To the profile of the new bottles are additionally transmitted symbol marks - Water angel who now holds the purity of the product under their protective wings.

The new design will not mean a higher prices for consumers. "By slimming down the bottles we managed to achieve not only a new look but greening the manufacturing process. We met the European parameters for reducing the burden on the environment and at the same time keep the product price at the level acceptable to consumers, "highlights the marketing manager.

Redesigned bottle of spring water, which is the epitome of the highest quality currently on offer, can be found in most retail and wholesale network in Slovakia. In addition to water for infants is on shelves renewed playful children's water Beetles and all unflavoured and flavored water for adults. The two most popular flavors - lemon with a base and raspberry with a rosehip can be found on the shelves already in pulse format of 0.5 liters.

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