Grafobal Group - main sponsor of the International equestrian events Grand Prix Bratislava

During the days (23 to 26 July) met in Bratislava horse riding leaders from around the world, where the equestrian complex TJ Slavia STU Bratislava held the 50th edition of prestigious international competition Grand Prix Bratislava.

"Grafobal Group and its successful daughter - 110th annual Grafobal merged a successful event: the 50th race MERCEDES-BENZ GRAND PRIX BRATISLAVA," commented long-term support of the Slovak jumping show Vice Chairman of the Group Grafobal Ivan Kmotrík jr., who pictured decorates winner of the Big Tour competition for the prize of Grafobal Group: a Portuguese Joao Pedro Gomesa with horse Amemoi O Sandor. Grafobal Holding Group, through its subsidiaries (Grafobal and Vodax - manufacturer of popular baby water Lucka) became the general partner of major cultural and sporting event already the eighth year.

The official international equestrian competition is the participation of national representative teams, the results of which are counted in long-range competition Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup ™. Results Grand Prix counting towards the World Cup World Cup individuals. The victory of the main competition Mercedes Benz Grand Prix jumping show goes this year to our northern neighbors. Poly Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski riding “Crazy Quick” performed in the jump-off clean and fastest ride. He succeeded at the time of 33.33 seconds. On the starting line, although started together fifty contestants, only eight of them made it to the finish without dropped even if only one obstacle. After they advanced to the mentioned jump off. Second place belongs to Alise Oken from the USA riding “Teirra”. She lagged behind the winner of 24/100. Third place belongs to Audrey Coulter also from the USA, she rode on horseback Capital Colnardo (34.40 s). Our riders fared less, out of nine did not advance anyone. Radovan Silla fled procedure by a whisker. He finished fifteenth, may for a three-centimeter blunder in the moat. Nevertheless, he became the most successful Slovak rider in the competition.

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Grafobal Group, a.s. represents a joint-stock company of holding type established in 1998 with its office in Bratislava. The group covers activities of daughter companies performing trade in the field of polygraphy, publishing activity, distribution and sale of printing, tobacco and complementary goods, energetics, developing, advertising and media activity, healthcare, sport and other fields.

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